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Friday, February 29, 2008

A little place called Spruce Hill

My recent trip home I decided to make a little detour and check out my favorite place near home: Spruce Hill. I instanty fell in love with it when my fiance took me sled riding with a bunch of friends when we first started dating. It is just such a cute, quiet place with gorgious sights. The sunsets are amazing up there!

Sun or moon?

Perfect pine trees all in a row.

Looks like someone was snow mobiling!

My house. Ok, so it isn't my house. But one will be mine!

Looks like glitter!

Everything is just so pretty up there.

Having fun with the sun.

Darken the shadows for a different feel.

There needs to be a big buck or a bear on the horizon.

A view of Treasure Lake from afar.

Yellow on the horizon.

Rolling hills of Rockton.

Standing tall and proud.

Bald hill with a little cabin on top. I bet it has a great view!

This used to be a mansion :)

It's my aeroplane.

Love it!

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