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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bigney Wedding Reception | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography Beechwoods, PA

This AMAZING cake was made by Uzi's Pastries, now located in 
downtown DuBois, PA! 

Marci & Brent got married on 9/10/11 in Jamaica!! 
As a surprise, Marci's mom flew to Jamaica to share in 
her daughter's special day. No one knew...not even the 
wonderful Laurie from Travel Today with Ms. Laughner
who helped set the wedding up.

They were telling us that it was sooo much fun running through the airport
with a wedding dress in tow! 

Do you see this?! LOOOOOK AT THAT BLING!!!
If that doesn't make you say, 
I don't know what will!
It's a wonder she isn't standing crooked because 
it's so heavy on her little petite body!

This was wedding 3 of 4 in a row and wedding number 2 of 3 in a row
that had their reception at Beechwoods Restaurant & Lounge.
I can not say enough wonderful things about Dagmar. I had my wedding
reception there and she made everything so easy and most of all

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