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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Overholser Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography Beechwoods, PA

Oh, the Overholser Wedding. Fun. Craziness. Love. Tears.

And one beautiful daughter of the bride and groom, who was bribed
to cooperate with a bunny friend, "Bun-tee" on my shoulder =]

I have exciting news, Mrs. Mallory is now expecting! =]
I do not know why or how, but I attract a LOT of brides
who either are expecting the day of their wedding, or
not too long after. Future brides, fair warning!

There's something romantic and fills your heart up with love
seeing the Mallory and Josh hold hands at the alter.

Kisses in the pumpkin patch before the fun begins!

My absolute FAVORITE image from their wedding day, hands down!
I love the motion of the couples in the background and that time is
standing still for the newly weds while they gaze deeply into each
others eyes, dreaming of what their future holds. *sigh* =]

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